Jours Fériés en Corée


Note: Korea has introduced replacement holidays for New Year's Day (Seollal), Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok) and Children's Day. If Seollal, Chuseok, or Children's Day fall on a weekend or other holiday, the first weekday in the following week will act as a substitute holiday.

We have also published a cultural article about the most important public holidays in Korea, which you can find here: Nowak & Partner - Public Holidays in South Korea.



01.01.2023 New Year's Day
21.01.-23.01.2023 Lunar New Year's Day (Seollal)
24.01.2023 Substitute Holiday
01.03.2023 Independence Movement Day
01.05.2023 Labor Day
05.05.2023 Children's Day
27.05.2023 Buddha's Birthday
29.05.2023 Substitute Holiday
06.06.2023 Memorial Day
15.08.2023 Liberation Day
28.09.-30.09.2023 Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok)
03.10.2023 National Foundation Day
09.10.2023 Hangeul Day
25.12.2023 Christmas


01.01.2024 New Year's Day
09.02.-11.02.2024 Lunar New Year's Day (Seollal)
12.02.2024 Substitute Holiday
01.03.2024 Independence Movement Day
01.05.2023 Labor Day
05.05.2024 Children's Day
06.05.2024 Substitute Holiday
15.05.2024 Buddha's Birthday
06.06.2024 Memorial Day
15.08.2024 Liberation Day
16.09.-18.09.2024 Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok)
03.10.2024 National Foundation Day
09.10.2024 Hangeul Day
25.12.2024 Christmas


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