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Project support for special topics and projects 

Not every situation is predictable, and unexpected changes can quickly lead to uncertainty and helplessness, especially if you are thousands of miles away and cannot really intervene. The foreign language and culture can make it even more difficult to keep track of the situation.

It could be a small thing, for example if the local contact person does not respond and it might be better to just stop by to assess the situation. But it can also be a more complex situation involving the authorities or another company where the originally intended approach does not work out as planned and a quick and reliable alternative is required.

Your goals

  • You want to control projects in Korea remotely and need a local proxy to support you and represent you on site.
  • You are in a deadlock and need advice and support from local experts.
  • You've lost staff at short notice and need a replacement on-site immediately.
  • You are looking for help in communicating with local partners or authorities.

Our service

Nowak & Partner offers you a confidential review of the circumstances and a joint elaboration of possible solutions and their implementation, while strongly focusing on the business aspects.


Nowak & Partner provides a comprehensive overview of the specific situation and works with you to develop options and solution scenarios. If necessary, we also evaluate whether further support in the form of tax advisors or lawyers is necessary. We will then work on the implementation with you. The situation can be as trivial as "I received a Korean letter from the health insurance company, what should I do now?" or "we are currently building a power plant and need a translator / project manager to help us on the construction site" to "my special vehicle is stuck at Customs". Extraordinary challenges are part of our everyday work, as is the flexibility and commitment to solve these challenges.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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