Crisis Management



We support you in troublesome and difficult times

Conflicts and crises often emerge out of the blue and from a variety of directions. Some crises are external, and can be driven by individuals, government authorities or NGOs, for example. But even internal disputes — between employees, unions or shareholders and management, the company’s board of directors or joint venture partners — can quickly plunge a company into a crisis. Often there is a lack of time, resources, basis for negotiations, necessary background knowledge or constructive proposals to cope with the crisis immediately. In many cases, an overview of the general situation and the individual reasoning for each point of view are missing. In addition, exogenous factors may not be fully apparent to the company in crisis. This is where Nowak & Partner comes in as an experienced external mediator and crisis manager, helping your company get out of trouble.

Your goals

  • Your business is going through a turbulent time due to unexpected events or conflicts and your business is in danger of stagnating or even declining.
  • You need to act quickly in order to maintain your business or market, but you lack the necessary knowledge resources.
  • You need a strong and reliable external hand which will put you on the right track again or with which you can work on a solution.

Our service

Nowak & Partner supports you with your crisis management in Korea or handles this service completely for you. In addition to sector-specific expertise, a lot of experience in dealing with Korean business and working culture is usually required when tackling a crisis — and we have both. First, we quickly obtain an overview of the situation and investigate the background before we identify the crisis and look deeper into its causes. Then we come up with a detailed action plan for solving the crisis and take control of the conflict by intervening decisively in the right places.


The immediate result of our crisis management service is to gain complete control over the situation. With Nowak & Partner you can draw on an experienced player in crisis management to solve your critical situation, thereby allowing you to continue concentrating on your ongoing operations.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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