Project Management

Nowak & Partner provides extensive Project Management. This includes:

A benchmark audit by Nowak & Partner provides insight into the internal structures and processes of your Korean subsidiary. We talk to the CEO and the team and — if necessary — take a look at the books to give you a complete overview regarding the present situation.

As part of our interim management service, Nowak & Partner will take over the administration and management of your company until you find a new CEO.

We support you with crisis and issue management in cases where you are confronted with unexpected conflicts and difficulties. Our approach and years of experience will help you gain control over the critical situation and quickly come up with a solution.

Nowak & Partner will also assist you in negotiations if you are not sure how to deal with your Korean counterpart or Koreans in general. We stand by your side as an experienced partner and greatly enhance your chances of a positive outcome.

Finally, Nowak & Partner advises on mergers & acquisitions and joint venture-related topics. A successful outcome requires extensive research and industry-specific know-how and Nowak & Partner is highly capable to assist.

A Real-life Example


Benchmark Audit

The company “Super Software” had recently suffered from workforce fluctuations and had lost a lot of employees. In the course of direct conversations with Nowak & Partner, some of these former employees stated that they had left the company due to a lack of corporate identity and team spirit. Some of the former employees even started their own competitive businesses without any legal consequences. The majority of the existing staff was also dissatisfied with the company’s employment benefits and it became obvious that they urgently needed professional training. Therefore, management contributed to the existing HR problems to a certain extent.

In direct conversations with the remaining customers it also became apparent that there was a certain lack of understanding regarding Super Software’s products. After-sales service was considered to be in need of improvement in several areas as well, and some strategies used by the sales team proved to be unclear.

Nowak & Partner identified two main concerns: business ethics and employee morale. For example, the country manager was found to have created and used a duplicate company seal without the approval of headquarters. This constitutes a criminal offense, as a corporate seal is tied to an authorized user. In addition, improper use of employee titles caused several legal consequences as well.

Nowak & Partner recommended replacing the country manager of Super Software in a controlled manner and suggested using our interim management service until a new managing director was appointed. Nowak & Partner offered to search for suitable replacement candidates.

Nowak & Partner also advised the company to create a new technical support position in order to enhance long-term communication with headquarters, while improving the technical know-how of the local employees.

Nowak & Partner's further recommendation was to implement a professional CRM system — for more efficient marketing and sales operations. In the end, the client followed all of our recommendations which led to its success in the market.

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