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Nowak & Partner negotiates with you or for you in Korea. Local customs and business practices prove to be more than challenging for a typical European when participating adequately and successfully in delicate negotiations. The expectations, negotiating styles and approaches of the Korean negotiators are usually completely different from that which is common in the home country of the visiting negotiating partner. Meanwhile, the language is usually a fairly simple problem to be overcome. The cultural peculiarities of the Korean business community are much more difficult to recognize and overcome.


The Korean business world is dominated by men and in negotiations often highly confrontational. Typically the Korean negotiation strategy is that "The Winner Takes It All" rather than a win-win situation in the classical European sense.


Nowak & Partner combines decades of experience in successful negotiations for your benefit. We analyze the situation, explain the Korean specialties and negotiate with you or for you.


A practical example:

A European pharmaceutical manufacturer was faced with the bankruptcy of its hitherto quite successful Korean distributor. The bankruptcy was not due to business activities. A Bank acquired 100% of the shares of the bankrupt distributors and although the bank was willing to sell these shares and the pharmaceutical company wanted to buy, the talks about the acquisition of the shares by the pharmaceutical manufacturer failed.

Nowak & Partner was invited to the talks and was directed the discussions towards the successful signing of a memorandum of understanding with the client. Subsequently the knowledge attained from the negotiation and the combined expertise with the client’s legal team, contributed to the acquisition of the distributor and the successful completion of the project.

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