Mergers & Acquisitions


You want to acquire an existing distribution network and get access to the local market easily via company acquisition.


You intend to take over a technology-strong company to expand your portfolio.


You would like to strategically take over market share in order to strengthen your position in the market.



Nowak & Partner supports you during the entire M&A process, starting with the research and identification of potential targets to the evaluation of the candidates through a benchmark audit.


We provide you with a financial and/or legal due diligence (i.e. the examination of all relevant data of the target company) and evaluate potential partner companies. We support you or conduct negotiations on your behalf up to the subse-quent integration of the company into your structure.


We have profound knowledge of business practices in Korea as well as very specialized industry-related know-how. Nowak & Partner can help you with a company takeover or merger in order to understand Korea-specific issues and challenges, to communicate appropriately with Korean counterparts and to suggest practical solutions.


We offer you holistic support through the whole merger and acquisition process. In consultation with you, we structure the project and guide you through every step of the company takeover. Alternatively, we can take on all aspects of project management on your behalf. Our experienced team coupled with our deep local expertise guarantee the successful completion of your project.



Joint Venture


In case you intend to enter the market or increase your existing sales activities through a wholesaler, distributor, sales representative, commission agent or broker, you may wonder if it makes sense to establish a wholly owned subsidiary or to enter into a joint venture with a Korean partner.

A general advantage of a joint venture is that you can involve a competent local partner who can better assess the realities of the Korean market. You can successfully boost your market presence by bringing the joint venture into the market more quickly and effectively. The main disadvantage of a joint venture is that you are no longer a single decision-maker. It is highly likely you will only really get to know your business partner after the so-called honeymoon phase. This even applies when choosing your long-standing sales representative as a joint venture partner, because as soon as you enter into a joint venture relationship, the partner will naturally change its position towards you. This automatically leads to a change of rules in Korea, affecting the way you deal with each other.

Some joint venture partners exclusively bring in market insights, while others will provide additional know-how (patents, utility models and other intellectual property) and/or well-established capital or distribution structures.

It is certainly fair to say that the establishment and management of a subsidiary or joint venture in Korea requires more attention from the management side in the home office than is commonly believed. Discrepancies in expectations — due to completely different business cultures — are often mutually unrecognized and the first signs of potential challenges are frequently ignored. The different parties might talk about the same thing, yet not mean the same thing. Notably in 2012, a German-Korean joint venture in the automotive industry experienced spectacular failure for this reason.


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