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The comprehensive package for your market entry in Korea

Entering a new market by establishing a local entity can be a challenging task for both small and large enterprises. If not planned well in advance and prepared for thoroughly, the entire setup can easily take up to a year or more before the company reaches a normal operating state — not to mention the countless pitfalls that may lie along the way which affect the establishment process. Time and costs can, however, be reduced substantially if multiple tasks are tackled simultaneously. Finding the right location for the office as well as a suitable workforce, establishing the company legally, getting the office space ready to move in while also setting up IT, accounting and company rules are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed and coordinated. Nowak & Partner is an experienced partner for all foreign companies who want to establish their market presence in Korea. We offer tailor-made turnkey solutions for your market entry in Korea. As a local company, we have profound knowledge of the Korean market, which puts us in an advantageous position in coordinating the company setup for our customers and when negotiating and communicating with all counterparts involved in the process.

Your goals

  • You would like to set up a company in Korea including an office within a limited time.
  • You have particular requirements regarding office location, furnishing and setup, but you lack knowledge of the Korean real estate market.
  • You would like to team-up with a multinational group of local experts to work on market entry and company setup.
  • You demand an effectively managed project schedule to meet tight deadlines.
  • You aim for increased planning capability while also reducing project risks.
  • You wish to rely on local expert knowledge in order to avoid cultural misunderstandings and unexpected costs.

Our service

As a local company, we know the local real estate market including suitable locations and pricing. Starting with an explanation of the Korean rental system and real estate market, we support you in the search for an office, taking into account the locations most suitable for your business activities. We visit offices according to your criteria and present you a portfolio with several options conforming to your requirements and within your budget.

Once you’ve selected your favourite site, we communicate on your behalf with all parties involved and negotiate the rental terms in order to guarantee you the best available conditions. We clarify all formalities so that the rental contract for your new office in Korea just needs to be signed.

Regarding the fit-out, we plan your office interior, factory or training facility in line with your corporate identity and take care of the whole renovation process and IT setup as well as the purchase of all necessary office equipment and furniture.

We structure all activities and take care of the whole project management according to your needs and vision, thus delivering a completely refurbished office that is immediately ready so you can focus on generating profits on day one.

Every business has its own needs and characteristics. These can be minor, larger in more complicated areas such as product registration with the authorities or even major, such as taking care of the whole registration process of a manufacturing plant including operating permits.

We adjust ourselves to the project requirements and find the best possible solution by covering most of the tasks directly in-house. For issues that cannot be covered by Nowak & Partner, we join forces with professional external partners to provide you a one-stop solution. No matter what the task, your goal is our priority and we represent your perspective.

In terms of HR, we advise you on the team setup in line with your corporate policies, budget and organizational structure. Together we define candidate profiles, roles and responsibilities as well as the compensation level for each position before starting the search process. The recruitment process itself usually takes 3-4 months and often runs in parallel or starts even before the office search begins.

During that time, we not only introduce the most suitable candidates for your entity, but also guide you through the entire hiring process, while also sharing substantial experience that can be vital for the successful functioning of your team.


Reduced setup time, professional guidance and our many years of experience in the turnkey setup of companies in Korea will put you significantly faster in business.

We act on your behalf and support you in the complete market entry process and in building of your local presence through office search and fit-out as well as HR recruitment. Whether you require an office, warehouse, production site or sales facility, we find a suitable site to lease or purchase and assist you with the setup.

We understand and represent your perspective and enable you an optimal start into the Korean market!

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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