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The working structures in Korea usually differ in many ways from the Western structures you are familiar with. The corporate world in Korea is strongly influenced by Confucian philosophy and basic concepts of this system include respect for age, the principle of seniority and hierarchical thinking, which is quite different from Western standards.

These concepts play an important role in team setup, because age and work experience differences are taken very seriously by Koreans. Consequently, these features also need to be kept in mind by foreigners when handling HR issues and searching for appropriate candidates. In this regard, the uniqueness of Korean titles within a company is worth mentioning, as they clearly structure the hierarchical relations between the employees and cannot be overlooked.

Nowak & Partner's experienced team is well familiar with Confucian concepts and Korean hierarchical structures, and can easily put together a coherent and harmonious team.

Your goals

  • You have set up a subsidiary in Korea and now need an efficient and reliable Korean team.
  • Employees from your country of origin cannot be sent to Korea, so you urgently need good local people for your subsidiary.
  • You would like to put together an international team of Korean professionals and foreign specialists which works reliably and in harmony.
  • You already have a business in Korea, however you intend to implement changes within your team without disrupting daily operations so your new team is immediately fully operational.

Our service

We discuss the optimal organizational structure and decide on positions that will work best for your company. We design appropriate job profiles and build a team that functions well for your business. We actively advise you on team size, seniority and compensation levels, as well as the Korean title system.

In the process of interviewing and selecting suitable candidates, we take into account the relationships and seniority levels among individual team members, while also considering the client's specific business culture and corporate philosophy. In this way, we create an effective, harmonious team. For established companies in Korea, we also offer the reorganization of existing teams.


When setting up a business, certain positions may need to be filled as soon as possible while following a fixed time schedule. We quickly deliver suitable candidates, taking into account your tight deadlines.

Nowak & Partner not only presents you with top managers, specialists and other professionals, but also develops complete teams that are immediately operational. Thus, you can start your newly established company or your restructured team without delay.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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