HR Consulting



In-depth consulting and smooth personnel replacement

To assist our clients, we offer HR consulting, which is slightly different than our HR assessment. In addition to evaluation, the focus is on optimizing existing personnel structures, including the targeted replacement of personnel and change at the management level. On top of that, Nowak & Partner provides sound advice on corporate structures, compensation levels, job descriptions and candidates. We combine local and foreign characteristics in order to build upon the organization or implement changes within it.

Your goals

  • You want to know about your team's sincere opinion on the management team or about the leadership style in your Korean subsidiary.
  • Your Korean branch needs support in optimizing HR structures.
  • You want to replace key roles without those affected becoming aware of the search process, thereby requiring a high level of confidentiality.
  • You want to prepare a succession process within your Korean subsidiary.
  • You think that your deputy director needs some help and, due to confidentiality, should not discuss such business matters with colleagues or board members but with an external trusted party instead.

Our service

Nowak & Partner provides tailored HR consulting from the search and evaluation of local and international specialists and executives, to assisting in the formation of complete departments and company structures.

We offer business succession planning in Korea, paying particular attention to existing employees and the overall internal atmosphere. We assist you in changing the leadership team (e.g. CEO, CFO, CSO, etc.) according to your needs and take into account team spirit, harmony and hierarchical levels within the team.

For companies without an existing human resources department, Nowak & Partner offers special service packages for HR search, evaluation and support of the specific needs of foreign companies in Korea.


When it comes to personnel replacement and organizational restructuring, the highest degree of confidentiality is our first concern. While we are searching for suitable candidates and review target companies, your company's name can remain confidential if desired. That way, it will only be disclosed once a face-to-face interview takes place.

We can also be involved in direct conversations with existing employees in order to uncover leadership issues. Hence, we directly find the best solution while minimizing your personal effort.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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