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We evaluate your candidates or existing employees

Even if people are fluent in a foreign language, certain nuances, opinions or characteristics within a language can only be detected when interviewing people in their native language. This way it is possible to better distinguish actual knowledge from stated abilities that may be exaggerated. Mutual trust plays an important role in this process. Nowak & Partner offers you a thoughtful, independent assessment of your current or future staff from a third-party perspective.

Your goals

  • You prefer having your candidates assessed from the independent perspective of a third party rather than through your personal network or colleagues.
  • You want a realistic and detailed assessment of your Korean candidates based on interviews conducted by a native speaker.
  • Before you make a final hiring decision, you would like to cross-check the candidate's references.
  • You would like to have your organizational structure reviewed and rebuilt, based on advice from an independent external expert.
  • You have a high employee turnover rate or existing conflicts within your subsidiary and want to receive honest feedback from your employees through a systematic, individualized survey.

Our service

Nowak & Partner provides you objective and transparent opinions on existing teams, candidates and corporate structures by using a variety of assessment methods. Our native Korean-speaking recruiting team, which is well-versed in Western ways of thinking and approaches, conducts interviews in Korean and provides realistic and objective feedback on local candidates. We support your recruitment process by cross-checking references, thereby delivering solid information prior to the decision-making process. This research gives you a detailed overview on aspects such as the professional work experience, leadership qualities, strengths and weaknesses, communication style, relationships and achievements of your candidate.

Our survey of your team will also grant you deep insight and honest feedback from your existing employees. As your Korean employees will be interviewed by our Korean team members, sharing the same nationality, language and culture creates an environment of mutual trust during the interview. This results in the candid sharing of information and clearer results. Questions may focus on issues such as conflicts, corporate culture, corporate outlook and internal regulations.

Nowak & Partner can also take on the role of mediator, joining the round-table for conversations between you or your management in Korea and your employees. We act both as a translator and mediator, thus preventing linguistic and cultural misunderstandings from happening and allowing for a common understanding to be established.


Interviewing your Korean employees or candidates in a casual atmosphere will guarantee valuable results and answers that would be hard to acquire otherwise. In-depth conversations with the candidate's former employers will provide you with important insights regarding the professionalism, work ethic and character of your prospective employee.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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