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Practical hands-on advice and deep insights into the Korean work environment

If you think about the many differences which exist among neighbouring countries in Europe, you understand what might await you in Korea as far as cultural peculiarities go. This phenomenon is referred to as culture shock and in order to decrease its impact on your newly established subsidiary, we offer individual business coaching sessions. Even if you are well-established in Korea, there may come a time when coaching support is required and Nowak & Partner is here to advise.

Your goals

  • You want to effectively prepare for your managerial responsibilities in Korea.
  • You are new in Korea and a bit uncertain about how to deal with local people.
  • You have a subsidiary in Korea and intend to align your local employees, especially the executives, to the global standard.
  • Your Korean team and subsidiary are growing and you want your staff to get training in effective management and leadership skills.
  • You realize that in everyday business life in Korea there are always situations to which you cannot react effectively.

Our service


Nowak & Partner offers special business coaching and workshop sessions for such cases and possible topics include the Korean market and the peculiarities of Korean businesspeople, as well as their behaviour patterns in negotiations due to a different cultural environment. In addition, we cover all topics related to the services we provide, such as market entry, project management, interim management and HR services. We explain the importance of dealing with the corporate seal in the right way as well as other general principles for running a company in Korea.

Whenever questions arise, we are at your disposal with answers about the Korean business world and would be more than happy to provide coaching.


Nowak & Partner’s business coaching helps you respond effectively in unfamiliar situations and gives you deep insight into Korean working structures. Ultimately, we prepare you for the dynamic local business environment and challenging situations. This will result in allowing you to make confident decisions, which benefits your company, your employees and yourself.

If you do not only want to evaluate your candidates, but also optimize the entire personnel structure of your business or replace personnel, Nowak & Partner can also help you with HR Consulting.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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