Every company succeeds or fails based on the quality of its employees. Finding good staff in your home country is already difficult enough, and finding good people in a foreign country like Korea can be even more challenging. Not only do the language and education system of candidates and the corporate world differ significantly from Western understanding, but also Korean peculiarities such as social environment, foreign loyalties and values, gender, age and social status need to be considered in the decision-making process. We have many years of experience in the field of recruitment and placement of specialists and executives in Korea and we actively look for suitable candidates, taking into account your requirements and — most importantly — ensuring a high degree of discretion. 

Our search is based on an exclusivity agreement. Your main advantage with this precisely targeted search is that you do not have to deal with a large number of unsuitable applications. Instead, we filter all matching candidates and only introduce you to those who fully meet your search criteria. All there is left to do for you is to make the final decision and select the candidate of your choice.

  Our Key Success Factors

  • Comprehensive commercial services
  • Extensive industry networks within Korea's key industrial sectors
  • Modern business centre facilities for interviews and meetings
  • Over 250 completed search assignments



  • Exclusivity: We fully concentrate on your project
  • Candidate search based on targeted, in-depth research
  • Fully integrated interview process and documentation for minimal time investment on the client side
  • Transparent recruitment process
  • Backup replacement warranty.







  • Multi-lingual client services and candidate screenings (English, German, Korean)
  • Skilled in-house research team of multi-lingual Korean staff with a wide range of industry expertise
  • We accelerate the learning process of our international clients, while helping them avoid typical mistakes in Korea.

Korean Job Postings & Employment Bureau

Korean job portals and the employment office are only helpful to a very limited extent for foreigners. Without extensive knowledge of the Korean language and with no real understanding of the Korean labour market, it can be quite challenging for non-Koreans to find qualified personnel by these methods. Already the personal approach itself can be difficult. Professionals and managers with good command of English are extremely difficult to acquire. Sometimes the HR search process can take many months and the most suitable and desirable candidates often work for leading Korean conglomerates. These prospects will have only limited interest in joining foreign SMEs without a significant brand name in the market.

With Nowak & Partner's discrete direct search, we overcome these hurdles by finding and presenting to you only those executives who are a perfect match for your business.

A Real-life Example


HR Consulting & HR Search

The company “Success Korea” was wondering why the Korean CEO of its subsidiary had only hired relatives and fellow students.

For the overseas parent company, such loyalty posed a certain risk and the company feared that the new employees would be more loyal to the CEO who hired them than the company itself. This led to concerns within the company, especially if problems were to arise with the CEO, which could lead to employee dissatisfaction and a loss of control over the Korean subsidiary.

In this regard, the Korean business leader correctly pointed out that this was a common thing in Korea and that he was able to motivate and control his employees better due to their personal attachment and relationship. Nowak & Partner further consulted Success Korea in this regard and the Korean CEO was introduced to the German way of managing situations like these. In addition, a new corporate structure was created in collaboration with the German management team, which was then introduced to the Korean CEO.

Nowak & Partner was also appointed to recruit new suitable team members and successfully integrated them into the existing business structure.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and would be happy to provide you with confidential consultation without any obligation on your part.

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