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Through a targeted search and interview process designed specifically for each client company, we provide a shortlist of the most suitable candidates that match the specific requirements of the professional position. As our clients are 'western' companies, the most successful candidates have expertise in their specific discipline as well as the experience of working in international companies where advanced communication abilities are a key value.


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  • Highest success rate with retained search
  • Minimum time expenditure for clients
  • Sustainable results
  • Cost effective 



Every business succeeds or fails because of the quality of staff. Even in your home market, the search for good staff is not necessarily easy. In Korea, you are faced with the challenge of finding good personnel while in a foreign country. Not only is the language, education system and labor market significantly different in Korea, but consideration also has to be given to the social environment, to foreign loyalties, gender, age and social status.

Nowak & Partner has extensive experience in the recruitment and selection of executives and professionals in Korea. Our approach is based on an active-search, in which our client’s needs and requirements are precisely incorporated and the process is conducted with a high level of discretion. The search is performed on the basis of an exclusive "retainer" agreement. Your advantage is that you do not get a large number of unsuitable resumes, but a few selected candidates that fit the position and your company. Your time is only spent on this final selection of suitable candidates and not wasted on endless interviews.


A practical example:
The company "Success Korea" is wondering why the local manager has only hired relatives and classmates for the Korean entity. The risk with this is that these Korean employees are loyal only to their manager and not in the least to "Success Korea". If the company has problems with the manager, these problems have a direct impact on the employees. This can quickly lead to total loss of control over the Korean subsidiary. The Korean manager had rightly pointed out that with his method it was easier to motivate and control the staff.


SolutionNowak & Partner found a Korean CEO and new staff, which were successfully integrated in the existing business in collaboration with the German management of the client and with the new Korean CEO.


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