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We would like to offer you a complex service portfolio and we are constantly working on our services upgrade. If you still feel you are missing anything from our side, we would appreciate your brief feedback. We always value suggestions for improvement and comments from our customers. Please contact us directly via our contact form. >>> 


Market Entry & Development in Korea

Nowak & Partner can help with the establishment of a company in Korea, or with the acquisition of a local company in Korea. We provide comprehensive commercial and technical support for the practical process of market entry, whereas all legal services are provided by our partner, the renowned Korean law firm Lee & Ko.


Nowak & Partner's years of expertise in structuring the Market Entry and development for our clients is based on a philosophy of providing real-world commercial, technical, legal, financial/tax and HR solutions, whereby we assist with the market integration process with our Korea know-how and in challenging phases,


Turnkey Company Setup

Nowak & Partner structures your market entry and business development in Korea, including office search, office set-up and HR Services. We provide customized one-stop solutions for our customers, including providing freelancers — qualified professionals — who represent your company in Korea.


Serviced Office in Korea

Nowak & Partner can facilitate the launch of your business in South Korea, with our incubation offices. We offer a desk, or a lockable office space in our premises from which you can take your first steps in Korea. Our premises are located in a central and convenient location in Seoul. Modern office equipment and the latest IT infrastructure allow you a high level of productivity.

Executive Search & Recruitment in Korea

Through a targeted search and interview process designed specifically for each client company, Nowak & Partner provides a shortlist of the most suitable candidates that match the specific requirements of the professional position. As our clients are 'western' companies, the most successful candidates have expertise in their specific discipline as well as the experience of working in international companies where advanced communication abilities are a key value.


Project Management in Korea

Nowak & Partner provides experience and street-smart expertise in Korea where your company’s resources are not yet sufficiently well established in the Project Management of commercial or technical tasks. These include the acquisition and sale of a business, temporary management or incubation services, as well as other activities for which Korea specialist are needed.


Interim Management in Korea

Nowak & Partner provides a fast and proven interim management solution, whereby the Interim Manager takes over the management of your entity in Korea for a given period of time, during which your next permanent Country Manager can be found and appointed. Our Interim Manager places the highest priority on securing your company’s material and financial resources, as well as the continuation of your business operations in Korea.


Negotiations in Korea

Nowak & Partner negotiates with you or for you in Korea. Local customs and business practices prove to be more than challenging for a typical European when participating adequately and successfully in delicate negotiations. The expectations, negotiating styles and approaches of the Korean negotiators are usually completely different from that which is common in the home country of the visiting negotiating partner. Meanwhile, the language is usually a fairly simple problem to be overcome. The cultural peculiarities of the Korean business community are much more difficult to recognize and overcome.

The Korean business world is dominated by men and in negotiations often highly confrontational. Typically the Korean negotiation strategy is that "The Winner Takes It All" rather than a win-win situation in the classical European sense.

Nowak & Partner combines decades of experience in successful negotiations for your benefit. We analyze the situation, explain the Korean specialties and negotiate with you or for you.


Crisis Management in Korea

In a crisis, relevant expertise as well as considerable experience in dealing with the Korean businesses and the work culture is required. Conflicts and crises can arise with individual employees, groups of employees, unions, government agencies (e.g. customs, tax, legal) or with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). However, internal corporate conflicts, for example, within the Board of Directors, between joint venture partners, between shareholders / partners or a company of the same group can quickly plunge your business into crisis. In such situations, Nowak & Partner will assist you with your crisis management in Korea, or we can take the leadership of this task.


Korea Business Coaching Korea

Nowak & Partners offers business coaching on an eye-to-eye level, from a Managing Director to a Managing Director. In this solution, daily operational matters are addressed directly and supported by numerous practical examples.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Nowak & Partner supports you with the complete M&A process, starting with the search and identification of possible takeover candidates on the local market. We screen and evaluate potential candidates via our Benchmark Audit, that can be supported by additional financial and / or legal due diligence in cooperation with our partner companies. We conduct acquisition negotiations and support you within signing of the LoI.


Benchmark Audit

Having a managerial experience and knowledge about the Korean business approach Nowak & Partner immerses into the Korean company carrying out the company inspection. We interview face-to-face in Korean the specialists and managers within the Korean organization and even their business partners (suppliers and customers).

Finding and Procuring Staff in Korea

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The Korean Property Rental System

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