Joachim Nowak

Representative Director

Tel.: +82(0) 2-701-4707


Joachim Nowak came to Korea in December 1997 — in the midst of the Asian Financial Crisis. Since that time, he has worked as a foreign lawyer in Korean law firms where his numerous clients include SMEs and large companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His tasks have evolved from engagement as a lawyer commenting only on legal concerns to a management consultant providing wide-ranging constructive business advice to the client.

In January 2009 he founded the Nowak & Partner Co., Ltd. He has over two decades of experience in Korea and his expertise spans the establishment of a company to its closure, with a strong focus on supporting enterprises to meet the unique and extraordinary challenges of the Korean market. Joachim has been married to a Korean entrepreneur for more than 25 years, and after 21 years in Korea, he has accumulated a wealth of experience regarding legal and commercial matters, especially relating to the unique cultural identity and background of this country. In short, he’s familiar with the business practices evident in Korea every day. He also has first-hand knowledge of how the country has changed over the last 21 years. Joachim is a regular guest speaker at Chambers of Commerce in Korea, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, combining commercial practice and legal know-how in uncomplicated direct language.

Joachim Nowak is a representative director of Nowak & Partner Co., Ltd. in Seoul and also works for the Korean law firm DR&AJU LLC in Seoul as senior foreign lawyer.

Joachim is registered as a lawyer in Munich, not in Korea. The Nowak & Partner Co. Ltd. does not offer legal or tax consulting — neither for Korean, German or any other law.


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