Driving in Korea


Below you will find information about driver’s licenses for foreigners, and some important links. Please note that since this is about Korean law, the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the information is not guaranteed.


Citizens of the European Union and Switzerland are allowed to drive in Korea for up to one year with their national license in connection with their international driver's license (issued in their home country), those vehicle classes designated in their license.


People staying in Korea for longer than one year, must exchange their national driving license for a Korean license. For this, please refer to the relevant information from your embassy. In this case, the Korean driver's license office only recognizes the driver’s car license. When exchanging a foreign license to a Korean license, truck and motorcycle licenses are not accepted, as these require the successful completion of a renewed practical examination.


Note: Minibuses with more than 9 seats (e.g. Hyundai Starex / KIA Carnival) cannot be driven with the Korean driver’s car license class 2!


When exchanging your national driver's license to a Korean license, your national license may be held by the authorities and can be retrieved by you upon your next departure from Korea, for which you may need to submit your travel ticket to the relevant authorities.



Description by the German Embassy in Seoul
Korean driver's license office (Korean / English)
Recognized countries
License categories

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